Cafea organica Bocca "Colombia Narino Inga Aponte" vrac 100gr


The Inga Community is the name of a group of descendants of the Incas, a group of nomads who lived in the Andes Mountains in Peru. The war between Peru and Colombia early 20th century, they fled to the neighboring regions of Peru Nariño and Huila in Colombia. In the 90s the Colombian government began a new agricultural production program, for which they issued pursuant to Inga's. However, they were pushed by guerrillas and drug lords to launch illegal plantations. Ten years ago the cover when the Inga's started growing coffee.

The Inga's only cultivate the Caturra, at an average altitude of 2,150 meters above sea level. Here comes the name "Aponte 'from. The plantation is located near the Galeras, a volcano ash rains in the area. This makes the soil very fertile and rich in minerals, which just gives a little extra flavor to the coffee berries. This espresso tastes like for dark chocolate and a sweetness of cherries.


Taste description

dark chocolate and a sweetness of cherries

Brewing method

espresso roast / filter roast





Wash station

Inga Aponte 

Processing Method


Growth Height

2150  meters


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